Harry Reynolds

Director, Kinetic Systems, Inc.

Get Clarity on Starting a Business: A Construction Manager’s Journey from Overwhelm to Productivity

Are you struggling to start your own business? With so much information available, it’s easy to get lost and feel overwhelmed. But how do you gain clarity and focus on what matters?

Enter Hassan Bash, a High-Performance Coach and Business Expert who has helped numerous individuals transform their ideas into successful businesses.


Harry Reynolds, a construction manager in Orange County. California, had been wanting to start his own business but felt lost and overwhelmed by the amount of information available. After a session with Hassan Bash, Harry gained clarity and was able to focus on the areas that would help him achieve his goals.

The Challenge

Harry Reynolds wanted to start a personal side business but felt overwhelmed and lost in the sea of information available. He wasn’t making much progress and was struggling to identify the right areas to focus on.

The Solution

Hassan Bash helped Harry Reynolds gain clarity and productivity by following a well-structured process that focused on organizing the steps he needed to take. The session started by identifying Harry’s goals and the specific areas he needed to take to make progress, including identifying his target market, creating a value preposition, and developing a minimum viable product. Finally, Hassan provided Harry with a customized plan that he could use to stay on track and achieve his goals.

The Results

Harry Reynolds was able to achieve clarity and productivity after working with Hassan Bash. He gained a clear understanding of the areas he needed to focus on to achieve his goals and was able to develop a plan to move forward. The key results include:

  • Enhanced Clarity and Focused Goals: With the guidance of Hassan Bash, Harry gained a crystal-clear understanding of his goals and the specific steps he needed to take to achieve them. Armed with this newfound clarity, Harry made rapid progress towards starting his own successful business.
  • Turbocharged Productivity: By implementing Hassan’s proven productivity strategies, Harry was able to skyrocket his output and make incredible strides towards his goals. With each passing day, Harry saw tangible progress and became more motivated to achieve his dreams.
  • Tailored Success Plan: Thanks to Hassan’s expert guidance, Harry received a tailor-made plan that was uniquely suited to his goals and abilities. With this customized roadmap in hand, Harry was able to stay on track, avoid distractions, and ultimately achieve his desired level of success.

The Testimonial

Harry Reynolds had this to say about Hassan Bash’s process:

The session was very well-structured, and I was able to gain clarity on what areas I needed to focus on to get where I wanted to be. Hassan provided me with actionable steps that helped me increase my productivity and make progress towards my goals. His customized plan helped me stay on track and achieve my goals. I would highly recommend working with Hassan if you’re feeling overwhelmed and need help gaining clarity and productivity.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and lost in the sea of information available when starting a business, working with an expert like Hassan Bash can be a game-changer. His customized approach, deep expertise and knowledge, and ability to help you gain clarity and productivity can help you achieve your goals. Book a call today!

Hassan Bash

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